Marvin and Issa Punta Fuego Batangas Wedding

Marvin Velete and Issa Abrillo

Bridal Gown: Sassa Jimenez

Bridal Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Grooms Entourage socks by Proppy Manila

Video: Threelogy

Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel > Punta Fuego Nasugbu Batangas

Bamboo Beach Kawayan Cove


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darel ibasco - I just want to inquire your wedding wedding on feb7 2017 in tagaytay
ceremony will be in hillcreek and reception will be in hillcreek
Can i know your inclusions?thanks a lot! Kindly email me at

Pauline Garcia - Hi.
May I know if you have wedding packages available?

Thank you.

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